Falling Snow is a production of the Canyon Crest Academy Envision Dance program with performances on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, December 11th, 12th and 13th, 2013 at the CCA Proscenium Theatre.

Falling Snow explores the concepts of beauty and aging while incorporating the 7 Deadly Sins into the narrative. Invidia, the evil Queen, attempts to age the innocent Snow White through temptation and illumination of Snow’s own external flaws.
The story unfolds as the Queen casts various spells via colored apples, hoping that Snow will give into temptation and age rapidly. Which sins will Snow succumb to; are there only 6 Dwarves; are the Dwarves the only creatures who are ravenous for the Queen’s apples? Although inspired by the original Snow White, this story deviates from the original folklore in many ways; new characters are introduced, and the ending will leave you contemplating...
— Rayna Stohl, Writer and Director of Falling Snow

CCA Envision, The Arts at Canyon Crest Academy, is supported by the Canyon Crest Academy Foundation, a parent-led 501.c.3 organization providing fantastic opportunities across academic, athletics, and the arts, and creating an environment where students can thrive.

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