ELL Athletics vs. Giant EPIC 10 Inning Game

Encinitas Little League Majors Athletics Pitcher

The Encinitas Little League Majors Athletics played the Giants in an epic game that will be remember at least the rest of the year.

After 9 innings of play on the first night the game was suspended at a 5-5 tie with the lights due to go off in the middle of the inning. The game resumed immediately prior to the regularly scheduled meet of the two teams the following week picking up exactly where the teams left off, same line-ups, same pitch counts, everything.

Probably one of the most exciting games of the year this one ended in favor of the Athletics while over the season the two teams have split their 4 games 2-2. With one of the most competitive seasons in memory 5 of the 6 ELL Majors teams are within 2 games in the standings as we near the end of the season. Only the top three teams will advance to the Coast Cities Tournament after it's all over.

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