Sunset Impression II

Sunset Impression II

Another in a short series of long exposures with intentional camera movement made while enjoying a sunset at Seaside Reef in Solana Beach, CA. In the previous post I mentioned that the exposure wasn't 'truly' a long exposure because it was only 0.8s in length. Most of my bona-fide long exposure images are many seconds if not minutes in length so, in that light, these are actually short exposures.

However, when contrasted with one of the general rules of photography...

Shutter speed should be roughly equal to 1/focal length to minimize image blur due to camera movement.

...these images clearly qualify.

The images in this series were made with 70-200mm f2.8L IS/USM lens with a 1.4x extender giving a effective focal length of 280mm. Thus the nearest 'practical' shutter speed to prevent image blur to camera movement should have been about 1/320 second since the image stabilization feature (IS) was disabled.

More on the technique in the next post.